Marriage at Holy Saviour

We are delighted that you are wanting to marry. Holy Saviour Church is a wonderful venue for a 

wedding. It is a beautiful building, which can hold up to 300 people – so there’s plenty of room.


We would love to help you prepare for that special celebration day, on which you will publically 

make your commitment to each other, before God and before your family and friends. 

The Minister will be glad to talk with you about practical arrangements. The marriage preparation 

sessions will help you build a strong relationship together for the future. 


Can I get married at Holy Saviour?

You can marry at Holy Saviour if either of you currently lives in the Parish or if either of you has a 

“qualifying connection” with the Parish. A “qualifying connection” can be any of the following :-

  • If you or your parents have at any time lived in the Parish for a least 6 months
  • If you or your parents have at any time regularly attended church services in Holy Saviour for at least 6 months
  • If you were baptised or confirmed at Holy Saviour
  • If any of your parents or grandparents were married at Holy Saviour


Can you marry in Holy Saviour, if you are divorced ?

The Church of England teaches that marriage is for life. However, it also recognises that some 

marriages sadly do fail and if this happens we seek to be available for pastoral support. 

A divorced person may marry in church, in certain circumstances.


If you wish to explore this further the Minister will sensitively consider your request and your 

options with you. 


Please contact the Church Office, if you wish to speak to a Minister about marriage.

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