The death of a loved one, can be a painful time, as we work through our sense of loss. Christians believe that the resurrection of Jesus proves that death is not the end. Jesus gave a wonderful promise to those who follow him – “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes 

in me will live, even though he dies.” And we believe that the Lord wants to comfort & uphold us in the midst of our grieving. 

As a church, we are here to support bereaved families, especially those who live in the Parish or have a connection with the Parish. We are very willing to do that by conducting the funeral service for your loved one, either at Holy Saviour Church or at a local crematorium or cemetry.

When you meet with the funeral director, you will need to explain that you want a staff member of the Parish of Bitterne to conduct the funeral. ( Otherwise they may well arrange for another Minister or a “non-religious celebrant” to take your loved one’s funeral.)

The Funeral Director will then get in touch with us to make the arrangements. We will arrange to meet with you, to plan the details of the funeral service with you. 


Interment of ashes in Holy Saviour Churchyard

There is now only limited space for the interment of ashes in Holy Saviour, Churchyard. We are able to consider interment of ashes if the deceased was resident in the Parish, or had a strong connection with Holy Saviour or has relatives already buried in the churchyard, or are a 

current churchmember of Holy Saviour.  


Annual Memorial Service

Each year at the end of the year we hold a Memorial Service in Holy Saviour Church, for those who have been bereaved over the previous 12 months. This gives a further opportunity for you to remember with thanksgiving your loved one and to ask for the Lord’s comfort and peace.

Please contact the church office if you wish to speak to a Minister, following a bereavement.