Thanksgiving for the gift of a child / Baptism

At the Parish of Bitterne, we’re glad to be able to celebrate the birth of a child and welcome you 

and your children into our church family. 


The first step for everyone, is to have a “Thanksgiving for the gift of a child”. This is a lovely 

ceremony, giving you as a couple the opportunity to thank God for the gift of your child and for the 

Minister to ask for Jesus’ blessing on your child. It takes place during our All-Age Services at 

10.30a.m., usually on the first Sunday of the month, in Holy Saviour Church.

For some couples this ceremony fully meets their needs. 


You may be looking towards having a baptism for your child. Baptism is the outward sign of being 

a follower of Jesus. In the baptism service, parents publically declare their faith in Jesus and 

promise to help their children grow in faith and join the “life and worship of Christ’s Church”. 


So we help couples properly prepare to make that commitment. We therefore ask you as a couple 

to start worshipping with us regularly for a while, after which the Minister will have a couple of 

preparation sessions with you. These help you explore what it means to be a Christian and how 

you can bring your child up in the Christian faith. At the end of the sessions, if you feel able to 

make the promises in the baptism service, then a booking is made for the baptism.


Baptisms take place at 2.30p.m. on a Sunday afternoon in Holy Saviour.


Please contact the church office if you wish to speak to a Minister about Thanksgiving / Baptism



Adult baptism

For young people and adults who have not been baptised before as a child, and have decided to 

put their faith in Jesus and follow him, we will be glad to talk with you and explore baptism with 

you. This can be by pouring water over your head, or by full immersion.


Please contact the church office if you wish to speak to a Minister

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