Site Redevelopment

Change is exciting!



The church is Victorian and was consecrated in 1853. Since then it has been extended twice, in 1887 when the South Aisle was added and again in 1990 when the Church Room was built. Many internal changes have been made over the years, as the church has adapted and changed to serve its community. The Church Hall was built in the 1950's and has served us well over the succeeding years, though it has changed little in that time.


It is worth noting that the Wesley Centre on Whites Road closed in December 2016. It is owned by the Methodist church and does not form part of the Parish’s land.



Our vision is to redevelop the Church site. The principal aim is to carry out alterations which will allow us to hold all of our activities in Holy Saviour and the linked church room, which we seek to extend.


Redevelopment will provide a variety of modern and accessible facilities for church use for community groups to use. 


We are happy to start discussions with anyone who might like to hire/ use the new facilities when they become available.


The latest options for the site plans are on display in the church. This is a complex process which will involve both the Planning Department and the Diocese of Winchester. The plans have now been submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for their approval before they can be submitted to Southampton City Council.  The church itself stands in Peartree Ward, and we have kept the three Ward Councillors fully informed. We will also need to raise a significant amount of money before any work can start.


We will update this page as and when more information becomes available.

Get Involved

Last year we had 2 parts of the roof repaired, as well as the stonework on the west wall. Many people joined us to sign the new slates before they were fixed onto the roof. It was lovely to meet so many people from the community and beyond, and we raised nearly £3000 in just over 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone who joined in with this!


As we progress through the development process there will be more opportunities for people to get involved. You may like to come along to a funding event, or even run one!


If you would like to support us financially, you are welcome to do so through our MyDonate or JustGiving pages (buttons below).  MyDonate is our preferred option as they do not charge us any fees or take a commission on your donation.  JustGiving takes a 5% commission on all donations - see their website for details.  Please contact us if you would rather donate by cheque or other methods, or if you can help us in any other way.  Thank you very much for your support.