At Bitterne there is a strong heritage of outward-facing mission and development work, as well as supporting our own community.

Coffee Pot

We are open in the Church Room on  Monday & Thursday 9.45am – 11.45am. 

Drop in for coffee or tea, biscuits, and a friendly chat.

The Church is also open during Coffee Pot


Next course beings in January 2019. Wednesday evenings 7.00pm beginning 16th January in the Church Room (attached to Holy Saviour Church, Bitterne ). Alpha is a fantastic series of informal sessions, to help you explore and discover the Christian faith, or as a refresher. Alpha explores questions like these - Who is Jesus? Why did he die? Can I know God in a personal way? How do I pray? It includes food, a talk and discussion, with plenty of time for you to ask any questions. Interested - email Sue & Ian Wilkinson at the Bitterne Parish Office - office@bitterneparish.org

Seniors’ Tea

2nd Wednesday in March, June, September and December 2.30pm – 4.30pm, in the Parish Hall. We serve a traditional afternoon tea, usually with some form of entertainment, but really the afternoon is all about being able to get out and have a chat with other people. Lifts are available if you need help with transport and if you would like to know more, just contact us (via the office)  and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Start Course

A great introduction to Christianity and how it can be relevant to us today in our life and work.




As a church we believe it is important to look outwards - beyond the church, into the local community and across the world.

We support a number of Mission Organisations with prayer, publicity and financial support.

This is monitored and championed by our World Church Action Group.

You can find their displays at the back of church and in the church room.

Namalemba and Bumoozi

Since 1986, Bitterne has had a unique partnership with the parishes of Namalemba and Bumoozi

in Eastern Uganda and there have been many visits in both directions.

As a church we aim to support their Christian faith, health and education. 


This picture was taken on the last visit, in 2013, at Namalemba Nursery School