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Whilst our homegroups may not be able to physcially meet, we hope that people can find different ways either online, on the phone or via email to connect with one another, to encourage one another and to grow in our faith.


Homegroups begin week commencing 3rd January 2022 with a series based on the 23rd Psalm, looking this week at 'The Lords is my Shepherd'. See above PDF for full details.


Psalm 23 is one of the most beautiful and best-loved passages in the whole of God's Word. This serene and sacred psalm towers over the others as does Mount Everest over the Himalayas. The great preacher C.H. Spurgeon said of it: `What the nightingale is among birds, this psalm is among others; it has sung sweetly in the ear of many a dejected soul, and in the night of his weeping has given him hope for a morning of joy.' Many have memorised this exquisite psalm, but have never given the time to study it in detail. Commentators believe that this psalm was written during the time when David's son Absalom rebelled against him, causing him to flee into the wilderness of Judea. Outlawed and hunted, David solaced himself with images drawn from his more peaceful days as a shepherd. Psalm 23 particularly speaks to people who, like David, are experiencing a major upheaval in life. Do you feel let down by someone who has been extremely close to you? Have the skies suddenly become overcast and grey? Is a longstanding friendship about to break up? Then this psalm is for you. But even if your life at the moment is without such trauma, I recommend that you begin today by memorising the psalm and repeating it out loud to yourself. Roll every word around on the tip of your spiritual tongue and suck every precious drop of refreshment from it. Let it lie upon your mind until you feel its peace and serenity invading and penetrating every cell of your being. I promise you that if you will make the effort to absorb the truths that lie buried in this matchless psalm, you will never again be overwhelmed by life's difficulties and problems. But whatever our experience, we can draw from this psalm timeless truths about God which, once absorbed, will transform our perspective and enable us to deal with difficulties that come our way. This Bible study seeks to help us understand David's revelation of God as a Shepherd. More than that, however, we are pointed towards the full revelation of God displayed for us in the birth, life and death of Jesus, the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep.

The Dangerous Faith videos can be found online on the Open Doors website - https://www.opendoorsuk.org/resources/dangerous-faith/

Dangerous Faith Discussion Guide
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It's a new term for our homegroups, many of which are meeting via Zoom, others keeping in contact by email and phone. The Covid-19 crisis drags on, so the theme for the run-up to Lent is 'Keeping going', with 3 studies from the letter of James encouraging us to do just that, which have been written by Brian Parfitt.


Keeping Going - 3 studies in the book of James
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Philippians 8
There are all sorts of ways we can encourage one another, not least through our giving, as the relationship between Paul and the Philippian Christians demonstrates.
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Philippians 7
How do we face pressures and problems? Paul spells out some of the ways we can do so, with prayer and God's peace at the heart of that.
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Philippians 6
No one is perfect but as citizens of heaven Christians have a new way of life, with new goals to pursue and Christ's honour to uphold.
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Philippians 5
This week we look at how we have to count as loss all the things we might boast about, in order to gain Christ and all the riches that flow from trusting in him alone.
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Philippians 4
How do we work out how we should live as Christians? This week's study gives us some guidance in that and gives us two examples of Christians who really were living for Christ.
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Philippians 3
This week's study from Philippians encourages us to work and witness together in unity and humility, inspired by Christ's example.
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Philippians 2
In this passage we discover how, for the Christian, life here presents opportunities for service and witness, while death opens the way to life with Christ for ever. Either way Christ is at the heart of everything and that gives us confidence.
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Philippians 1
This week we begin a new set of Bible studies looking at Paul's letter to the Philippians, a really encouraging letter to a church which had a close relationship with Paul. This first study shows something of the love and concern they had for each other, which we can reflect in the life of our church too.
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At the moment we are journeying together through the Beatitudes.


Beatitudes week 9
This week's study is a last 'round-up' look at the Beatitudes. It focuses particularly on the Beatitudes as a pattern of the Christlike character which will show something of God to those around us. Next week we will begin looking at Paul's letter to the Philippians - a really encouraging letter about life as a Christian.
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Beatitudes week 8
Most of us have encountered opposition for our faith. In many places persecution is a bigger reality. This week our Bible study focuses on the final Beatitude which gives encouragement to those suffering for their faith. Next week we will conclude our Beatitudes studies with a concluding overview of all the Beatitudes.
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Beatitudes week 7
One issue resulting from the current crisis is that many relationships are under pressure. We have also been challenged about Black Lives Matter. This week's Beatitudes study is quite relevant then as it looks at 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children Of God.'
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Beatitudes week 6
In this week's study of the Beatitudes we think about our relationship to God and how that shapes our lives, as we reflect on the words 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.'
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Beatitudes week 5
This week's BIBLE STUDY ON THE BEATITUDES looks at 'Blessed are the merciful'. The last few weeks have demonstrated how important showing mercy can be as we have seen acts of kindness as people have supported others. This study gives us a chance to reflect on that as well as mercy shown in forgiving.
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Beatitudes week 4
This week's study is based on the Beatitude. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,' which encourages us in our longing to know God and live for him. There has been positive feedback from people doing the studies. Do make time for them if you can.
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Beatitudes week 3
As we continue to explore the Beatitudes this week's study focusses on the call to gentleness or humility.
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Beatitudes week 2
This week's Bible study on the Beatitudes is about 'Blessed are those who mourn - a very relevant theme in these times.
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Beatitudes week 1
Our study this week is the first of a series exploring what we know as 'the Beatitudes' from Jesus' teaching in his 'Sermon on the Mount'. Homegroup leaders had settled on the Beatitudes as our theme for this term. This seemed still relevant as they talk about Christian character, which many of us are finding is being challenged and shaped in these difficult times.
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