Going Deeper together with Jesus

We recognise that oftentimes our Sunday mornings are aimed at all ages and all stages. There is often a need however for us to dig a little deeper about what God might be saying to us. In particular we want to explore what it means in this season to be disciples of Jesus, or perhaps a more helpful word is apprentice to Jesus. It is a lifelong process of learning and maturing in our faith, with three particular goals:

1) To BE with Jesus

2) To BECOME like Jesus

3) To DO what Jesus did


By watching the four videos below from our first few evenings together, you will hopefully begin to understand a little more about this vision to apprentice to Jesus.


On Sunday evenings we take the opportunity to explore together these themes and certain practices from the life of Jesus, which will encourage and help us in this apprenticeship journey. We have a short talk live on Facebook and Youtube at 7:30pm (the recordings of which can be found below) and then we gather on Zoom for a time of discussion, prayer and encouragement meeting id 303-674-0823 and password 656399


BE with Jesus - Practice 1 - Silence & Solitude

We believe that as apprentices of Jesus, we need to learn how to be in the presence of Jesus 24/7. Learning to cultivate and shape our lives in such a way that in the words of Brother Lawrence - Jesus is as real to us when we are at the kitchen sink, out at work, meeting with friends as when we are gathered in church (paraphrase!).


BECOME like Jesus - Practice 2 - Generosity

We believe that as apprentices of Jesus, we need to learn how to become like Jesus. Therefore, it is important that we develop a mindset and heart posture of generosity towards our resources, other people, our finances and the way in which we view our daily lives. This is such a counter cultural practice, but as we grow and become more like Jesus our heartfelt longing is that we might be known as a generous people at Holy Saviour.