The Bible - God's word

We believe that the Bible is God's living word today. We want to encourage everyone to get to grips with reading it and making it part of your daily routine.


Bread Journal

We want to encourage everyone to get into reading God's word on a daily basis, so that it becomes our daily bread. The BREAD journal is available to order for £7.5 by contacting or calling 023 8044 3770 and simply is a guide to help us open up what God's word might be saying to us each day. In 2021 we are going to read the whole New Testament together using this simple process:

B - Be still

R - Read the passage and note what stands out to you

E - Encounter, ask God to speak to you about that which stands out, what might He be wanting to highlight?

A - Apply the reading to your day, ask God to show how it might impact all that is before you that day

D - Devote - end the time of reflection by simply devoting the day and its tasks to God.


For more information, check out the video: